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Fabric Care

The protection and cleaning of the diverse range of modern fabrics used in upholstery forms an integral part of the Staingard proposition. Staingard Protector available in bulk for retailers or manufacturers or in handy aerosol dispensers for the consumer offer unrivalled protection see more…>. General cleaning and also the removal of everyday stains and grubby marks present a challenge to most people, with Staingard you can be sure that the best and most effective products are available to make these difficult jobs much easier.

duo fabric kit
Staingard Duo (Large) Fabric Care Kit:

1 x 250ml Mild Fabric Foam Cleaner 1x 50 ml Fresh Stain Remover, 1x 50 ml Grease & Oil Stain Remover, 1x 50 ml Old & Resistant Stain Remover, 1x 100 Fabric Deoderisor, 1 x Microfibre Cloth, 1 x Cotton Cloth, 2 x Sponges, This is our most popular kit, it comes in 2 sizes and also for microfibre fabrics.