PTFE Gliders and Felt Pads

Protect your floors and move heavy objects like Sofas, Chairs, Recliners, Beds…

Moving furniture and other heavy objects around the home can sometimes be a real challenge which is why consumers the world over use products like Floorgard Gliders and Felt Pads to make this task easier. Furthermore the use of Floorgard products will also protect your floor coverings and reduce the risk of damage to furniture when being moved.

Slide your furniture like it’s on ice!

Our Felt Pads feature tough heavy duty felt for great wear characteristics with extra strong adhesive backing and our Gliders feature an Elastomer rubber backing and a PTFE glide surface. Our backing has been developed after extensive success of the compound in many high tech environments such as the aeronautical and motor racing industries and PTFE has well established its credentials as a non-stick surface in many industrial and domestic environments.

We use the lowest coefficient friction material in the world.* A material so smooth it’s equivalent to ‘wet ice on wet ice’

*The Guinness Book of World Records

Features and Benefits

Moving heavy furniture is never an easy task; there’s the risk of damage to the flooring, possibly the furniture itself, not to mention the risk to your back moving such a large item! Even on smaller items, like dining chairs, there can be that annoying screech of furniture being moved. Thankfully Floorgard has the solution, with our extensive range of PTFE Floorgard gliders and Floorgard felt pads, we have the product you need.

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