Car Care Heaven Since 1947

For over 70 years, Gliptone has been developing premium detailing products using the latest technology to offer professional detailers and car enthusiasts superior car care solutions. Whether you have a couple of hours or a whole day to spend on your pride and joy, Gliptone’s complete range of exterior and interior detailing products and kits will give you results like you have never seen before!


Banish dirt and grime and get a finish like nothing else. From prewash to polish and waxing, our complete range of bodywork detailing products will have your car gleaming and protected from contaminants and all weather conditions in no time.


Our interior care products are unrivalled and designed to clean, protect, maintain and repair interiors. From classic cars with original or retrimmed leather, to new vehicles using modern materials, keep your interior showroom fresh.

Leather Care

Our long standing expertise in leather materials for the interior of your vehicle is why our products are chosen by the specialist detailer and restorer through to the passionate car, truck, bike and boat owners. Our range of products are designed to get the best out of your leather material. Our years of research and testing makes us the choice for professionals around the world.

For further information and to purchase our products visit the Gliptone Europe website.