Leathermaster UK

For centuries we have been using Leather to enhance our lifestyles, be it shoes and clothing or the luxury covering for the furniture in our homes, workplaces or motor cars. However it is our desire to keep our treasured leather looking at its best that fuels the need for the vast array of products available aimed at satisfying that need.

Loving Leather

At Leathermaster UK we love leather and we are dedicated to ensuring that we make the very best products available to everyone wanting to preserve the appearance of their leather furniture. Our philosophy is very simple and that is to educate, train and supply goods and services that provide the correct information and processes to all who share our passion for our favourite natural material.

Keeping up with the ever changing types of leather finishes and the attempts to create imitations is a challenge that Leathermaster meets every day as we develop new products and provide advice, not only to manufacturers, retailers and repairers, but to end users and consumers as well.

Expert Advice

Leathermasters investment in the latest colour analysis machinery and software enables them further support its customers by quickly and accurately matching pigment colours for that final magic touch to a repair. Having the best products is not enough which is why Leathermaster provides its customers with great commercial terms as well as technical support and training.

Leather Care

Our long standing expertise in leather materials for the interior of your vehicle is why our products are chosen by the specialist detailer and restorer through to the passionate car, truck, bike and boat owners. Our range of products are designed to get the best out of your leather material. Our years of research and testing makes us the choice for professionals around the world.

For further information and to purchase our products visit the Leathermaster UK website.